By way of introduction, my name is Guy Adami. I have worked in the financial industry for the last 32 years. For the last 12 of those years, I have appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money. In those roles, I have had the good fortune to meet, interview, work for and alongside, hundreds if not thousands of people.

I can say without equivocation, that Joe Mazzella has had the greatest impact on me both personally and professionally. As a trader, Joe possesses the unique ability to synthesize information and analyze risk in a fraction of the time it takes others. That skill set, coupled with his fearless, but far from reckless trading style, made him, and makes him to this day, one of the most skilled traders in the world.

Now, you may interpret that as hyperbole on my part. Rest assured, it is decidedly accurate. During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, his trading exploits were legendary. He teamed up and took a fee based / non-risk taking Goldman Sachs Commodity Index and turned it into multi hundred million dollar business. Traders from all over the firm sought his guidance and he never turned anyone away.

He has always been selfless with his time and never pulled rank or was condescending to anyone. He is fiercely loyal and as diligent a worker I have ever encountered.

Over the years, he has become an incredible mentor and teacher. I have witnessed firsthand, the impact he has had on young teachers and on his students at Fordham University. His ability to make the markets understandable by telling stories in his self-deprecating, humble style is a refreshing change from the hubris of many others. Joe has my full endorsement and I would be happy to discuss further if deemed necessary.

Guy Adami of CNBC's Fast Money

Joe is a true technical analyst who takes you by the hand, step by step, and puts trades on with you.

He’s up 53.1 % year to date as of this writing.

This is a true first. He puts his money where his mouth is. Who’s ever heard of watching a real-time trading blotter with live, current, positions as he is currently up 53.1 % for the year already? Don’t believe it? Take a peek. You’ll see every trade he’s done this entire year starting with $1 mio of his own money, Jan 1st. Any questions? Just ask him in his live chat room where everyone discusses the market, live, real-time. The former Goldman Sachs GSCI master is showing new-comers to trading markets what to do. Finally, after a successful life trading carrier of his own, he’s now giving back to us all.

Oh, and the combination with co-hosting Guy Adami (Goldman Sachs) is the icing on the cake. A top CNBC guy off camera? Just wow. Feel free to ask him a question.

Do yourself a favor and try it. If you’re a hot-shot trader already, challenge yourself to keep up with him. You’ll be glad you did. If you want to start slow, do so, it’s fun to watch your positions make money at a much higher percent of the time.

David Chamides

Dean Witter 2 World Trade Center

Back in 1997 I had the pleasure of meeting a very special person! not knowing that this same person would be one of the smartest and best commodity traders in the world, today I am very proud to call him my friend Joseph Mazzella. Great year so far! Thank you Your charts really work.

Nunzio S.

Joe is not only an amazing trader, but also the epitome of a great teacher. He has instilled in me the importance of patience and discipline, especially as it relates to risk and reward. His experience and knowledge along with his ability to concisely explain concepts and strategies has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the markets.

Stanley W.

Joe has been a prominent figure in the world of trading commodities with many years of knowledge and experience. I have learned heaps and bounds from Joe and his knowledge in trading commodities.

I come from a background of having little to no experience in trading. His analysis of the market is always on point and very detailed with reasoning.

Joe has taught me the importance of always understanding risk through his analysis and weekly videos. He has always been there to guide me and help me by increasing my profits 75% for the year so far.

Thank you so much for your insight and mentoring, I am so grateful for your help and professional guidance.

Will V

Senior IT Admin

“In the world of markets trading, there are few people with more experience than Joe Mazzella.
In this field, those who don’t fully understand, quantify, employ, and manage risk, rarely last more than a season. Joe has succeeded for decades.“

Peter Neumann

Former Metals OTC Trader at Phibro-Salomon and JPMorgan Chase

I have been monitoring Joe’s trades since day one. After almost two years, I can only say I wish I was participating in his trades instead of just monitoring them. As a staunch believer in passive management, I thought it couldn’t work. I was wrong. Joe’s discipline to cut losses quickly and ride his gains has made me a believer.

Steven Wilson

It is so refreshing to finally get useful and practical information about trading from a credible source. Regardless of whether any particular outcome is good or bad, I always know I am being told the truth. Clearly, all of the information and advice being given has been thoroughly researched, and is always explained in an organized, coherent manner that even a layperson can understand.

Steven G.

Joe’s videos are an excellent way to learn from his world-class trading knowledge, built over years of experience at the highest level. His usage of charts & price targets helps setup specific trades, defining entry & exit points for users. These trade ideas will teach you not only about current market trends, but true trading principles that can be applied to any markets.

Alex B.

In the last six months of following the trading videos from Joe I realized that Patience is the key to less risk. By setting limits on the downside I can limit any loss by not getting caught in a downward market.This site gives me a better perspective and understanding of how to purchase stocks.As Joe explains this it seems simple enough but without his help I don’t believe I could ever achieve the insight I received

Richard C.