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Learn To Trade Like the Pros

Master learning from the pros with over 30 years of experience with retired Goldman Sachs trading  executives. We will teach you and give you the tools to trade like a pro.

Trade With The Pros

Trade Alongside Retired Goldman Sachs Executives

We help individuals learn how to effectively trade with a helpful community, high quality educational content, and following alongside the trade of retired Goldman Sachs executives

Included in each Membership…

You get access to all courses to let us help you learn how to trade and profit from two experienced traders on Wall Street!

Trade Alerts Chat

Our trade alert service provides real time trading signals for all subscribers. Beneficial for our members, new to trading or experienced, in staying up to date with the changing markets

Trade Log

Each week you will be provided with all trade transactions in detail that will include the price of each Asset name, quantity, profit/loss, Entry/Exit. 

Weekly Webinars

Live weekly with Guy Adami & Joe Mazzella, we highlight our latest Wall street insights, recent market developments, macroeconomics, and a Q&A-based discussion on investing in upcoming insights.

Sunday Recap

Presented by Joe Mazzella every Sunday, we will review and analyze recent trades for the week and cover upcoming trades on the radar.

Trading fundamentals

Here we show you the mechanics and fudamentals, from going short to learning about margins and leverage.

On The Radar

Follow Joe Mazzella’s Upcoming trades for the week with On the Radar

Become an expert

If you want to learn more about trading alongside highly skilled retired Goldman Sachs executives

I have had the good fortune to meet, interview, work for and alongside, hundreds if not thousands of people.

I can say without equivocation, that Joe Mazzella has had the greatest impact on me both personally and professionally. As a trader, Joe possesses the unique ability to synthesize information and analyze risk in a fraction of the time it takes others. That skill set, coupled with his fearless, but far from reckless trading style, made him, and makes him to this day, one of the most skilled traders in the world.

Guy Adami, CNBC’s Fast Money

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