Who is Guy Adami & Joe Mazzella

Our experience over 30 years of trading has seen almost every

scenario in different markets. Using this recognition of volatile market

conditions and proper money management, we can teach our subscribers

how to navigate through tough markets.

Guy Adami

Guy Adami

Host on CNBC's Fast Money

From Goldman Sachs, where he was once head gold trader, to ascending the media elite to become one of the original “Fast Money Five” on CNBC’s Fast Money, Guy is the quintessential “Wall Street Warrior,” as described by The New York Times. A charismatic media analyst and financial services veteran, he now serves as chief market strategist and director of advisor advocacy for Private Advisor Group, a nationwide network of leading financial advisors.

Joe Mazzella

Joe Mazzella

Retired Managing Director of Goldman Sachs

Joe has been in trading markets since 1985 and has evolved from starting with the precious metals sector at JP Morgan. As his career developed he continued on to the trading desks at AIG with a focus on precious metals and both domestic and foreign currencies. Joe then joined Goldman Sachs in the early 1990s, to become part of an elite trading team. In the late 1990s, Joe was given a task of running a commodity index ( the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index ) The largest commodity index on the planet. It was the largest holder of many commodity futures positions in the world. Managing this kind of size, exposed Joe and the team to every trading scenario possible. Between, trading skills and the knowledge within the team, we worked to our fullest potential, that part of the business increased profitability up to 10 fold at times. The best part of all this experience is the ability to teach these skills to others and pass on the knowledge others.

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