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Watch our video to meet Joe Mazzella as he dives into how Risk of Not Taking a Risk has various benefits and ultimately can help develop your trading skill set and confidence grow.

RNTR offers weekly live webinars videos, a live chat community, and over time the ability to learn this style of trading.

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What We Do

At your fingertips exclusive easily accessible real-time trade alert chat for our members to stay up to date with the constantly changing markets.

Our members can tune in weekly for a live exciting dialogue-driven video webinar series hosted by Joe Mazzella and
Guy Adami discussing recent market developments, macroeconomics, and a Q&A session.


Stay tuned every Sunday for an in-depth market review, of weekly trades and on the radar upcoming trades.

Included in our membership is the accessibility to log in to our website and view our trade log. A trade log has all the trade transactions including the price of each asset name, quantity, profit/loss, and Entry/Exit.

Our Team

Guy Adami

Guy Adami

Host from CNBC’s Fast Money

From Goldman Sachs, where he was once head gold trader, to ascending the media elite to become one of the original “Fast Money Five” on CNBC’s Fast Money, Guy is the quintessential “Wall Street Warrior,” as described by The New York Times. A charismatic media analyst and financial services veteran, he now serves as chief market strategist and director of advisor advocacy for Private Advisor Group, a nationwide network of leading financial advisors.

Joe Mazzella

Joe Mazzella

Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs

Joe Mazzella held the title of Managing Director/Head of Commodity Index Trading for Goldman Sachs. With over 25 years of experience in trading commodities, he possesses the unique ability to synthesize information and analyze risk in a fraction of the time it takes others. This skill set and his fearless but far from reckless trading style made him and makes him to this day, one of the most skilled traders in the world.

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